We are a US Based Backdrop Company.  We do Ship to Canada, Australia, UK and Europe.
If you need a shipping quote please email. 
Fabric options - Bordered Fleece, Matt Fleece and Premium Knit Fleece.  All fabrics are wrinkle resistant and stretchy.  We have some of the same fabrics as our leading competitors!  Floor Mats are a matt finished rubber backed floor mat.  Soft and thin for easy roll away storage. 
Shipping - Please ensure when placing orders that you consider process and shipping time. Smaller drops can ship within 20 business or less.  This does not include weekends or holidays.  If you have not received tracking by business day 20 please reach out to the shop.   Please take not that in some cases backdrops can ship sooner be we do not guarantee speedy shipping.
Refunds - Once Items have gone to production there are NO refunds.  NO exceptions.  
Lost Orders - If you order is lost in in the mail it will be replaced.  However, to process the replacement, it has to be a minimum of 20 days after shipping date to process the replacement order. In most cases the package has been mismanaged by the postal system and will show up just later than what tracking predicts.  If by some magical event your lost order is delivered you will need send it back to the shop.
Damaged Orders - If you receive a damaged order you will be sent a replacement only after you have shipped the damaged backdrop back to: 5433 Fort St. Colorado Springs, CO 80902.  You will be provided a label to send the damaged drop back. Once shipping is confirmed your replacement will be ordered immediately.  You will also be asked to provide images of the damaged backdrop.  If you fail to provide images with in 5 business days the sale is complete and no replacement will be sent. 
Printing - Every Computer Screen is Calibrated differently.  With that said it is important to remember that due to different computer calibrations it may cause a slight variation from screen to print.  Magical Drop Shop Rental & Sales strives for true print quality and color match as precisely as possible, but please keep in mind fabric holds colors differently than what you see on screen.  We cannot guarantee EXACT color matching. 
Shipping out of the US is possible.  Select shipping options at check out.  Single drop orders can ship First Class for only $28 USD to the UK, Canada, AUS and other select Europe locations.  2 or more are weight based and standard shipping outside the US starts at $56 USD.  If you need assistance please do not hesitate to you reach out.  We have production options in the UK to save on shipping.  However, the overall cost's are very close and sizes are limited.  
Expedited shipping is available upon request with an additional charge of $65.00. 
7X5 Bordered Fleece
We have something special.  This incredibly light weight fleece has white borders that allow you to hang your drop and lose very little in usable design space while shooting.  Isn't that what we want?  More space and less cropping to odd sizes trying to keep the design in tact?  The borders also work well for horizontal prints. By placing the extra border under the floor option to keep your drop tight and in place while shooting ensures minimal wrinkles or weird gaps that require additional work in post.  

This fabric is only available in 7x5 which is the full printed dimension.  The edges are not sewn and left bare.  Pulled and cut... No Pole Pocket.
Matte Fleece
The soft and luxurious matte fleece.  Same fabric as many competitors just better pricing!  
It is ultimately wrinkle resistant.  Hang to store and pulls nicely to help pull out any wrinkles that may come from storage.  
available in size 8x5, 8x8, 8x10, 5x10 only.  DOES NOT COME IN 5X7.
Premium Knit Fleece
The premium Polyester fabric is a tight woven fabric that is heavier than the fleece.  The edges are sewn.  The fabric is soft and stretchy.  Fabric is fairly wrinkle resistent.  Any light wrinkles that happen during shipping or storage can easily pull right out once hung for use. 
The higher quality fabric is ideal for any design and holds color very well.  
It is available in the following sizes only: ​8x8, 8x10, 10x10

Rubber Backed Floor Mats
Seamless Rubber Backed Floor mats are the way to go.  
This Printed Floor mats are stellar in the studio and lay perfectly flat against the floor.  The rubber backing keeps them in place so they are not moving around unlike vinyl floor options.  
These are printed in 8x5 and a great addition to any studio floor option.